Model Search

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

Below you will find the entry form. We ask that in the message box, you answer the following questions:

1) What interests you the most about becoming an N.G. Model team?
2) How often do you do photoshoots with your dog?
3) Do you have experience being a brand ambassador/Model? If so for which companies and what was the extent of your duties?
4) What Camera(s) do you use?
5) What editing software do you use?
Below the message box, you'll notice an image upload link, please upload  3 of your best photos of your dog **these photos must be taken by YOU**. Variety is key here.


How does this work? 

Plain and simple - we send you free collars, you send us photos. Your dogs neck must be at least 12 inches to wear our collars. We will have a short turn around for most collections, so we ask that you're prepared to go out as soon as you get your collar. Preference will go to short/medium hair dogs (we need to be able to see the collar clearly in your photos).

For every collection we outline our expectations - usually we request 5 photos with a variety of depth and background. The more photos you give us and the more posts you make on your instagram page with **your model discount code** the better, and the better chance you'll have to work with us for future releases.

As mentioned you'll get a model discount code to share as you please, more details around that will come if you make it onto the team.

Entries close on Tuesday, June 18th, and We'll be notifying you wether or not you made soon after that.