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These name plates are compatible with our Fabric collar lines, as well as our proof collars and leashes. Please note: Customized collars are final sale.

Add a personal touch to your pet's collar, while also adding a safety feature! As pet owners, we all fear our pet running away and getting lost. With a customized name tag, you can have your contact information riveted directly onto any collar.

Every name tag is hand stamped on an aluminum plaque. Once stamped, it is filled with a type of paint - please note that this paint will not last forever, but the imprint of your dogs name will always be there and always be legible!

Riveted name tags eliminate the jingling noise of a dangle style tag, and decrease the risk of the tag getting caught on a fence or kennel wall. These name tags are permanent and cannot be removed from the collar without compromising the integrity of the collar.