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Our custom pet tags are printed on aluminum and fully customizable with your pet's name on the front and your phone number on the back! Each tag comes with a key ring for you to attach to your dog's collar.


Round tag: 1.25" diameter
Bone Tag: 1.5”  x 1” 
Heart Tag: 1.25" diameter (at the widest point)

Each Tag comes with a key ring to attach the tag to your dog's collar.

Tag Silencer - for an additional fee we can add a tag silencer made of clear silicone to protect the edges of the tag and decrease noise caused by the dangling tag. Unfortunately we do not have heart shaped tag silencers

We will use our best judgment when placing the text on the name tag in comparison to the background image. 


The printed coating on the tag may have the potential to chip around the edges - We recommend adding a tag silencer to help protect the edges of the tag - unfortunately we do not have silencers for the heart shaped tags.

The finished tag may appear darker or slightly off colour from the photo shown.

Please see our Exchange and Warranty Policy for more information.


We do not recommend leaving any collar or tag on your dog while unattended. With any collar, there is potential risk for dangling tags or collars getting caught on something, potentially causing your dog to choke.

Don't see a design that you're looking for? Let us know what you're after here.