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Fully customizable collar! You pick your preferences, and we'll make it in and send it your way!

Sometimes in an emergency, you need to be able to quickly release your dog’s collar. For example, there are awful stories of dogs getting injured when their collars tangle and twist during play. Sometimes the only option is to cut the collars apart, and that’s not always possible. 

With a quick-release buckle, you would be able to quickly and conveniently remove your dog’s collar in most emergency situations.

It takes just one second to pop it open or shut. This makes getting your dog ready for a walk extremely easy, especially if you have a squirmy dog who doesn’t like to hold still! Once it’s properly sized one time, it’s good to go (unless your pup is still growing!).

Size reference:

XXS  8 - 10 inches
Extra Small 10 - 14 inches
Small 14 - 18 inches
Medium 18 - 22 inches
Large 22 - 26 inches
Extra Large 26 - 30 inches